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OVERVIEW - Break the Sale of Your Property FAST

Consider following steps to a smooth sale and very fast closing:

1. Gather information
2. Prepare property for listing
3. Selecting a REALTORŪ
4. Commissions

5. Setting a price on your property
6. Showing your home
7. Negotiating on offers
8. Packing your things and moving out!


You're home will not sell until you have get a few showings. Buyers love taking their time snooping around your place to see if it meets their needs. Sometimes you will get a good bunch of visitors from OpenHouses (some of which may be your neighbours just wondering how you furnished the place).

Before all showings please put an effort to have your place spotless. We covered a few of great tips in Preparing your Property for a Listing. You can click here to see again.

Please find a place to put all your loose valuable belongings before any showing. There have been several cases here in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the past, where the visitors coming in are more interested in your jewellery than your property.

With this said, I hope not to frighten you to leave your place unattended when visitors would like to view. All licenced Real Estate Brokerages set appointments between offices. You would always be the one to approve of a showing and you would know exactly who brought who in and what time. This adds some security. And this is another reason why you should when you can, leave your home for the prospect buyers. It is more than common for agents to leave a lockbox with your key(s) inside. The code for lockbox are only given to registered licenced Real Estate professionals. This allows the prospect buyers to feel more comfortable and makes them feel more like home!

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