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OVERVIEW - Break the Sale of Your Property FAST

Consider following steps to a smooth sale and very fast closing:

1. Gather information
2. Prepare property for listing
3. Selecting a REALTORŪ
4. Commissions

5. Setting a price on your property
6. Showing your home
7. Negotiating on offers
8. Packing your things and moving out!

Setting a Price on your Property :

Pricing your property is the most important thing you can do when listing. It can become very difficult putting a value on something you are emotionally attached to – but you need to get over this and be in “Selling Mode”.

With your real estate agent, price the property what the market shows. This is specialized work real estate professionals excel in. This price is established by comparing similar properties with similar features that are currently on the market for sale (competitors) or have sold recently. Real estate agents do this because they know buyers will compare your property to others in regards to location, size, condition, terms of selling and price. This may be different from what you may feel its worth. Sometimes higher or sometimes lower.

It is very important that it is priced properly because in the first three weeks of it being on the market it will be exposed the most. So if you were considering “testing” the market by seeing what sort of response you will be getting – please re-consider. It can be the worse thing you can do. Prospect buyers and fellow associates learn everything they need to know right as the listing becomes active. So if they have already seen the property and feel negative towards it they usually do not come back to it.


Please, I caution you not to fall for this. Some real estate agents will do anything they can to get your business and become very unprofessional. Sellers obviously want the most amount of dollars out of their property before they move. Some agents out there do not really care for the Sellers best interest that they say, “yeah sure I can sell it for ‘X’ plus ‘yz’ – let’s list today!”

Until you notice your home is not selling and has been on the market for a while. You begin to question the motivations of your REALTOR®. But again you realize your real estate representative won’t be paid until it sales so why would he/she do this? They must want it to sell as quick as us.

Wrong! Real estate professionals can gain a lot of exposure and sign call ads from your property—that when they cannot find a qualified buyer for your home they can use them elsewhere and earn money from that.

Interview Joey:

See the difference between myself and all other prospective REALTORs®. I welcome you to see service like no other.

Here is a quick preview of what Joey Khan will do for you:

  • Share all local market value knowledge
  • Help stage home for quick sell
  • Use database of all pre-qualified buyers and other associates– advantage of numbers
  • Maximize exposure of property
  • Use expertise in advertising targeted markets
  • Knock on doors to find as many prospects possible
  • Advertise in newspapers, magazines, internet
  • Do open houses
  • Give you control to when and to whom your home is shown to (provide safety to your family and belongings)
  • Protect you from any flaws that can occur in transaction
  • Share all knowledge in real estate
  • Answer all your phone calls immediately 24-7
  • Be held accountable for work
  • Improve your negotiation position by not becoming emotionally attached to your property
  • Be there in every step of the way, from selling to even possibly buying and even being there at your child’s birthday
  • Handle all time consuming paper work and phone conversations (ie., buyers, other associates, inspectors, appraisers, lawyers, etc.)
  • Getting you the asking price in the shortest possible time

    You can find more reasons why Sellers Choose Joey here.

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