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OVERVIEW - The steps in Buying your Future Home

Consider following steps to a smooth sale and very fast closing:

1. Gather thoughts and information
2. Be Pre-qualified
3. Selecting a REALTOR®
4. More Research

5. Go out for Showings
6. Negotiating on offers
8. Packing your things and moving out!


Be Pre-Qualified:

Gather all documents you will need for getting a pre-qualification. For example, pay-stubs, last years income assessment, social insurance number (SIN), driver's licence, etc.

By calling the bank or a certified Mortgage Broker you will be able to get a quick idea of how much you can afford when purchasing your future home. They will ask you all sorts of questions including your age. So ladies, be warned!

At the end of it, it may be very well that you can afford a lot more than you imagined. This will certainly give you more ideas and help narrow your search a little more.

Next step - Selecting a REALTOR®








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