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OVERVIEW - Break the Sale of Your Property FAST

Consider following steps to a smooth sale and very fast closing:

1. Gather information
2. Prepare property for listing
3. Selecting a REALTORŪ
4. Commissions

5. Setting a price on your property
6. Showing your home
7. Negotiating on offers
8. Packing your things and moving out!

Prepare your Property for Listing:

Try clearing out all the junk from your property. Consider using a storage facility. Your closets ought to be very organized and clear of the “extras”. Repair all minor work such as replacing burned-out light bulbs, checking the fuses to ensure the property is electrically sound.

Consider perhaps remodeling or renovating your place. Try moving the things around. You may never know; a simple change in location of where the sofa sits may just do the trick! It could make your room look larger. Adding mirrors also brings the space-illusion-effect. Painting the walls white may help buyers see the home differently. It makes it easier for them to start visualizing how they can decorate the place.

Clean up! A tidy house plays a HUGE role in the sale of your home. Have everything sparkling. Pay special attention to the kitchen and washrooms! Let’s get Mr. Clean smiling back at you nodding his head acknowledging you did the job right.

At the end of this, your property should appeal so well that it says, “You know you want me”.

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