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OVERVIEW - Break the Sale of Your Property FAST

Consider following steps to a smooth sale and very fast closing:

1. Gather information
2. Prepare property for listing
3. Selecting a REALTORŪ
4. Commissions

5. Setting a price on your property
6. Showing your home
7. Negotiating on offers
8. Packing your things and moving out!

Negotiating on Offers :

YES! You have finally started getting some offers presented. Which ones to work with and how?

Everything on an a real estate contract can be ammendded. Never ever think that it's standard let's sign here and there. EVERYTHING can be changed!

Usually on any given offer the more important aspect people tend to pay most attention to is the purchase price. There are many people out there willing to waste everyones time by low balling. It can at the end hurt everyones hopes in the deal. Offers begin after the almost-right Buyer is interested in your home. They know how much you are asking but may reflect and come up with a number they feel the place is worth. As hard it is for Sellers setting a price on their home - it can be just as hard to Buyers.

More aften then not, the case would be that the Buyer is not willing to accept terms at paying full asking price (although there are times when they might go beyong 100%+). Once presented you may either choose to accept their terms (the purchase price, closing date, clauses), or you may counter-offer and present back to Buyers. And again they can counter the counter-offer. The more the offers are signed back and forth the more likely they are to fail.

At the end of the day it will be the Sellers decision to sell the home.

Negotiating is very important. You will need to have a talented Real Estate agent you can trust. He/She must have excellent communication skills as they will represent you for your best interests (Code put by the Real Estate Council of Ontario). They will also share their advice in the decision-making if asked.

Next step -Paking your things and Moving Out!!







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