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10 Don’ts Every Home Seller Should Know Before They List Their Home

1. Don’t overprice your home. It may end up costing you MORE money!

2. Don’t be surprised if the first offer on your property is the best offer you receive.

3. Don’t fall for agents that give you highest valuation, also known as the high price tactic.

4. Don’t think all real estate agents...they are NOT. Find why sellers choose Joey’s great track record and proven home marketing system.

5. Don’t list with a real estate agent just because they charge the least.

6. Don’t look just at the price the buyer offers. Analyze the total package including buyer qualifications, contingencies, closing dates, and other clauses or lack thereof, etc.

7. Don’t forget buyers will shop around looking for the best buy. You are in competition with other sellers for your buyer’s attention.

8. Don’t forget that if real estate agents don’t see your property as a good value, they will take their buyers elsewhere.

9. Don’t believe those who tell you newspaper ads sell homes. You need a COMPREHENSIVE marketing plan tailored to your property and your needs. Joey advertises in 15 different publications and several dozen websites. Choose a marketing savvy real estate agent.

10. Don’t make it difficult for agents and buyers to see your home. Buyers want to look at their convenience.